Tank Trailer FV2011-19-R295-UK

The basic version of this D-TEC tank trailer is force-driven by means of the unique and low-maintenance D-TEC steering system. The big advantage of this steering system is the substantially increased manoeuvrability. As a result, cycle times are reduced. Other, additional advantages are:
-lower tyre wear (sometimes up to 500,000 km);
-much less damage to farmyards.

Video D-TEC Tanktrailers

This tank trailer is part of our series of modular trailers. This series encompasses a comprehensive package of screw-connected options. The customer can also construct these options at a later stage! This is ideal if tasks change, for example.

The screw-connected options are:
-hose channels;
-high and low Docking points;
-loading and unloading arms (for reducing loading and unloading times);
-various lobe pumps with different filler hatch capacities on top;
-automatic cut-off;
-cleaning pipes and options for raising efficiency and making your working life easier!