Combitrailer CT-43-04D

The patented Combitrailer® is the peak of efficiency in transport. D-TEC has analysed logistics processes and identified where profits can be made: loading and unloading faster and with more flexibility. The result is a patent and acclaim from carriers across the whole of Europe.

The Combitrailer® is actually a dividable trailer. For example, you can transport two 20-foot trailers using one and the same trailer. Normally speaking, you would only have access to the rearmost container. However, you simply divide the Combitrailer®: leave the section with the rearmost container standing and you have immediate access to the front container! This allows you to load or unload both containers simultaneously!

The Combitrailer® allows you to transport practically all available containers. The robust construction and use of lift axles minimises the risk of overloading. And thanks to the low deadweight and the use of a self steering axle, fuel consumption and wear and tear on tyres is exceptionally low. The Combitrailer® is the optimal solution for every carrier, for every type of transport, and for every budget.


The CT-43-04D has one fixed axle on the front chassis part. When both chassis parts are coupled you can drive with 3 axles on the road. The axle of the front part is permanently lifted when both chassis parts are coupled. Many customers choose for implementing the 4th axle as self steering axle. That extends the lifte time and reduces tyre wear. Optionally the 2nd and 4th axle are also lift axles. This gives the flexibility to transport unequally loaded containers.

Compare here the specifications of the different types of Combitrailers.

Advantages CT-43-04D

  • Simultaneous loading and unloading of two 20 ft containers at loading docks.
  • High-efficiency loading capacity owing to the low empty weight from 6300 kg.
  • Use of lift axles creates an optimal weight distribution and minimum risk of overloading.
  • Low fuel consumption and low wear and tear on tyres due to the use of self steering axles.