Trailertec is a cooperation between two dutch leading trailer manufacturers: D-TEC Products & Kraker Trailers. 

D-TEC is now a widely known name in the transport market for containers and solid and liquid products (manure). D-TECs innovative transport solutions are the result of many years’ experience, research and development. The development team is continuously working to devise and optimize designs. What applies for transport, also applies for us: to stand still is to go backwards. Thinking ahead gives you an edge!

D-TEC: Lift up your profit!

Kraker Trailers is the leading manufacturer of moving floor trailers. 

The Kraker promise

In typical Dutch fashion, we get straight to the point: produce moving floor trailers with the highest yield. Your convenience and efficiency enjoy top priority. The proof is in the K-Force: the most efficient and reliable moving floor trailer on the market. Thanks to the service life of your K-Force trailer and the smart features that make your job safer and easier.

K-Force is unprecedented in its longevity under all conditions.Our high-tech production method and continuous monitoring guarantee innovative moving floor trailers of the highest quality. The rivet joints are a good example of innovation as they make it possible to use a combination of aluminium and steel. This way you have the right material in the right place. The result? A very strong and lightweight vehicle with a unique floor structure that can withstand the heaviest forces for years.


Focus and guarantee

We call ourselves the ‘Masters in moving floor trailers’ since we have been focusing on moving floor trailers since 1989. Over the years we have accumulated enormous expertise.

Your experiences are taken into account during production and development so that you can get a trailer that is the most efficient and cost-effective. Moreover, K-Force offers you a 5-year guarantee. You can rest assured that you can always call on us. This is a promise we make to you and you can count on it. You will not find this anywhere else.

Innovation and smart options

You reap the benefits of our focus. Because that is how we develop surprising products, such as K-Force: the most innovative moving floor trailer available. This includes the rivet joints, not to mention the unique floor structure that functions effortlessly for years under the toughest conditions. Smart options also ensure that you can work safely, quickly and ergonomically.  

Passionate about people

We are proud of the vehicles we produce. And on the people who make it all possible: our employees, dealers and customers. Success is something you achieve together!

At the end of the ride all of the users agree that their expectations have been met and exceeded.