Tanktrailer SV-2006

This is our basic tank trailer. The power of this uncompromising trailer lies in its simplicity. This tanktrailer has a low death weight von 5.900 kg.

Customers can build the SV-2006 in a modular manner. In this context, we offer our customers a comprehensive package of screw-connected options. The options can also be constructed at a later stage!

This is ideal if tasks change, for example.

  • Hose channels;
  • High and low Docking points;
  • Automatic cut-off;
  • Cleaning pipes and options for raising efficiency and making your working life easier.


D-TEC has more than 30 years' experience in the development and manufacture of tanker trailers. One of D-TEC's most important focal points is to achieve a low death weight. With the agricultural market in mind, this tanker trailer can be manoeuvred without difficulty on narrow farmlands, not least owing to the use of the Wabco Optiturn. This prevents damage from being caused to the land and soil.

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