30. 2016

D-TEC introduces a container weighing system that provides a solution for sea container hauling transporters and shippers. 'This system allows

16. 2016

Trailer builder D-TEC will launch its revamped S-line Flexitrailer at the IAA transport trade fair in September. This new trailer version boas

18. 2016

Agrivert purchased these three tank trailers specifically for the transportation of digestate substrate from their biogas installations.

12. 2016

When using the CF-Agri, the agricultural product is only loaded once, instead of loading it on the farmland into a vehicle that is subsequentl

7. 2016

Samskip Van Dieren Multimodal B.V. took delivery of the first D-TEC chassis for 45ft containers. ‘We selected D-TEC due to the low dead weight

21. 2015

This tank-trailer is unique because of the pressurised vacuum system, the opening rear section and the suction arm.